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Why did you become a doula? 

I hired a doula for my first birth and she was essential. I remember feeling envious of her job afterwards! I feel that this work is truly a calling. I have worked many different kinds of jobs in my life, but none have been as satisfying or interesting as birth work. I learn something new every time I attend a birth. I am not a religious person, but I see this work as deeply spiritual.  I love working with families as they cross the threshold into parenthood. No matter how you birth, it alters you; I love being a guide through such a profound time and witnessing people meet their babies for the first time as well as discover new parts of themselves through the process. 

What training did you receive? Are you certified? 

I attended a DONA doula training at Bastyr University in 2018 and am certified through PALS (Pacific Association of Labor Support). I consider myself a lifelong learner and continue to educate myself through various trainings and workshops. You can read more about my educational experience on my About Me page. 

Do you attend all hospital births? Home births? Are there any birth centers you don’t go to? 

I attend mostly hospital births because that is where most people birth their babies! I am happy to attend home or birth center births as well - as long as a medical professional is present (no free birth).

I might need a c-section. How can you help in that case? 

I have attended both planned and unplanned cesareans. Most hospitals allow a partner and doula to attend during the surgery. I find it can be very helpful to have doula support for a c-section. This allows one person to focus on the baby and one person to focus on the birthing person. I can also answer lots of questions before and during the surgery, assist with relaxation methods during the surgery, take photos right after the baby is born, and provide support and guidance in the first couple hours after birth. 

What does your pricing include?

Please see my Packages page. 

Do you take insurance?

I can accept FSA/HSA cards. Some employers and insurance policies now reimburse for doula services, so it’s a good idea to check ahead of time and see what your personal options are! I am also happy to discuss payment plans and sliding scale options.

Do you meet with me after the birth?

Yes, absolutely! I like to have at least one in-person postpartum visit the week following your birth. This is a great time to ask questions, troubleshoot, and review your birth story. I am also available the first few months over phone, email, or zoom for any further support. 

Do you have a backup doula? Can I meet them ahead of time? 

I have a backup doula, and I have a backup for my backup. I like to be prepared (although I rarely need a backup)! When requested, clients can have a zoom call with my backup ahead of time. My main backup doulas include: Jessica Mascher, Ellen Hsu, and Becky Langseth.

When will you be on call for my birth? What if I go into labor before that time? 

I usually go on call at 38 weeks. However, I will do everything in my power to attend your birth if you go into labor ahead of time, or call a backup if I absolutely cannot make it.

Do you offer any additional services? For example: birth photography or placenta encapsulation?

I offer maternity, birth, newborn, and family photography and videography. I am also a childbirth educator and can refer you to my group classes through Parent Trust/Great Starts or offer private education sessions.

How many clients do you have around my due date? 

I take 1-3 clients per month.


How would you describe your doula ‘style’? What do you see as your strength?

One word many people use to describe me is "calm." I love helping create a relaxing and compassionate atmosphere at births, and encouraging space for joy. I am flexible with how I approach each birth and enjoy working collaboratively with partners, nurses, and other medical staff. Communication is a strength of mine and I see myself as a bridge between my clients and medical staff, helping families tap into their innate wisdom and make decisions with confidence. My goal is for people to feel secure during labor and positive about their birth experiences, no matter the outcome. 

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