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"Angela Hodge surpassed all that we could have hoped for in a doula. She accompanied us with care, kindness, a grounded nature, and extensive knowledge through our pre-birth planning, throughout a long and arduous birth, and into our post-partum days. Her competence and endurance helped us navigate tough decisions during a complicated hospital birth. And her photography recorded many beautiful moments that I now treasure to have on captured on film! We are so grateful for Angela - I cannot imagine what our birth would have been like without her support." - Laura

"Angela is amazing!  I was nervous to give birth, but she made me feel capable and confident.  She provided a wealth of information that helped me understand what to expect, think through my preferences and limits, and process my fears. Her calm and caring demeanor allowed me to relax and focus on my body and my baby. And when my birth didn’t go at all as planned, I felt prepared for this possibility and thankful to have her there for advice and to support my decisions.  After the birth, she continually checked in on us, and though I didn’t know what help to ask for, just knowing she cared and wanted to make sure we’re doing well meant so much!" -Dana

"My husband and I had the honor of having Angela attend the birth of our second son. Although she was still training her calm energy, paired with her own experience with birth and as a mama was such a wonderful addition to our experience. Angela truly offered support and shared something so profound, yet unbiased when I needed it. It was her words that brought me peace and allowed me to make the right choice for my sweet babe and I. She is calm and has a quiet strength, something I really believe all mamas need during such an extraordinary and vulnerable time. We adore her!!"

- Jasmine

"I had the honor and privileged to work with Angela as a co-doula. We are both newish to this work and have attended the same amount of births but I learned SO much from her. She is extremely knowledgeable and has a calm, peaceful, comforting, presence. She was right there, supporting the birthing mama, every minute, until the end and she was very supportive and reassuring as well to me as well.

I would recommend her to any family that was in need of doula support or to any doula who is need of assistance. She is one strong, confident mama. I feel grateful to have met Angela and even more grateful to be able to witness her work. I wish I would have had her at my births."

- Emilie

"Angela was such an amazing support during the birth of my son. She took a lot of time to get to know me and my husband before our due date so that she knew how to best support us when the day acctually arrived. I ended up being induced and Angela came to the hospital with us and was there as a support for both my husband and I as we went through the induction process. She did a great job of being mindful to be supportive yet also allow us our own space and time together. She was also a great sounding board for us as we talked through our options of moving forward through the induction/birth process (pitocin, epidural, breaking water, etc). After lots of unplanned medical interventions and 3 hours of pushing I ended up needing to have a C-Section. Angela was a calming presence through all of it. While my husband held my hand she was there to hold his hand and provide him with some encouragement and strength so that he in turn could support me. She even took pictures which are the only pictures we have from our son's birth. After we were discharged from the hospital Angela came and checked in with us a few times and we were able to talk through and process how the birth went. All in all, I'm so grateful for Angela and the support she provided us throughout my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. My son just turned 6 months and we still stay in touch with her. We definitely plan to have her as our doula for any other kids we have in the future!"



"We highly recommend Angela. She is calm, professional, kind, and knowledgeable. She was always prompt, thoughtful and prepared for our appointments. She helped us think through our hopes for our labor and how she could support us. Throughout my labor, she was flexible, present, and helpful. I appreciated her calming words and tone throughout contractions, and she was quick to respond to any of my requests. She helped us have the birth experience we were looking for."  


"We picked Angela to be our doula with our first baby and we could not be happier with our choice. She is a dedicated professional and mother of three wonderful kids. We chose to have our baby at the hospital, so having her there to comfort and support me and my husband was a life saver. She scheduled a couple of sessions before and after birth as well, to make sure all our questions are answered and we feel confident in our new roles as parents. I warmly recommend her to anybody who needs extra support before, during and after labor."


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