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Adding Birth Videography to My New Year

I love learning new skills and expanding what I can offer to families. I am finishing up a videography course with Birth Becomes You, a fantastic birth photography and educational organization (and the same one I am certified with as a birth photographer). I have filmed a few births now and can’t wait to film more! Birth videography has been a goal I have had my eye on for a while and I am excited to enter this new realm of storytelling, sharing the emotion of birth with sound and movement alongside images. I am a huge music nerd and I love finding just the right song to mirror the experiences on screen. I love the sound of a baby’s first cry, and the gasps and exclamations parents make when meeting their little ones for the first time. Birth videography can bring memories alive in a tangible and profound way.

Recently, I filmed a former doula client and her sweet kids on a walk in the woods. What can be better than looking for banana slugs and other natural treasures with two adorable kids? It was so fun practicing my new skills alongside these curious souls. I loved capturing the story of this family in the woods on a beautiful fall day. 

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